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Student Snapshot Assessment


Wondering where your student stands academically? Grades and test scores only tell part of the story.


What is the Student Snapshot Assessment?

 At Unlocking Potential, we utilized our years of experience with test prep and academic support to develop an efficient diagnostic process that produces a detailed picture of a student’s academic level of performance. By using a combination of independent assessments and targeted sessions with an academic expert, we can uncover not only what a student knows but also the unique process of how they think and learn. A follow-up meeting with families will include a review of quantitative and qualitative data, collaborative academic goal-setting, and recommendations for next steps.

What is included with the Student Snapshot Assessment?

Parent set-up meeting

  • A 30-minute virtual meeting with parents will cover relevant student information, goals, and logistics to build a solid foundation for the assessment process.


Student initial session 

  • A specialist will meet with the student in a 60-minute virtual session to perform baseline testing that will inform the content, structure, and level of independent assessments.


Independent assessments can include any or all of the following:

  • Math skills assessment

  • Math word problems and/or aptitude test (problem-solving)

  • Reading comprehension

  • Vocabulary survey

  • Timed writing sample/s


Two student sessions

  • A specialist will debrief the independent assessments during two 60-minute sessions with the student to get a deeper understanding of factors influencing student performance, surveying academic skills and strategies while also assessing mental, emotional, and motivational factors.


Student Snapshot Summary meeting

  • This 60-90 minute virtual meeting will include a review of quantitative and qualitative findings, collaborative personalized goal-setting, and recommendations for next steps.

How do I get started?


 Information Form

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Set-Up Meeting

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